People may remember that there was some youth funding available from the LJC.
I just received word that Bishops Castle have successfully received funding for AMP music projects, The Scouts / Beavers and the Football club.

This is great news and was exactly what I was hoping would happen. Spreading out funding across different activities is, in my opinion a very effective way to spend money. Hopefully this will help these different clubs continue to provide wonderful activities for our youngsters.

When I was a member of the youth, I can remember there were loads of activities and clubs for which I’m very grateful, many of these lead to the work I do today. These types of clubs inspire youngsters, give them more options and most importantly are loads of fun!

Some of the other areas outside of Bishops Castle have also been applying for funding as far as I’m aware. I will hopefully have word on that soon.

A big thank you to all involved who worked on getting that funding to our youth.

Jonny is a Shropshire Councillor, musician and film maker. I also work as a web designer and graphic design and consult with business regarding their presence online.


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