Shropshire council have decided that we have such a low need for youth funding in our area that they are planning to reduced it to zero. ZERO. You can have your say on this, and you absolutely should! If you live in these divisions Bishop’s Castle, Chirbury, Worthen and Clun  this applies to you and your kids. 

It also states that we have no youth clubs supported. However, we do have youth clubs. I have said this in the past. If being a resilient community, results in a punishment (the reduction of funding) where is the incentive for us to continue to be resilient.

We are resilient, we look after each other, and we look after our youth. We should be rewarded for this, so it may continue. What the council are saying is, if you are resilient you don’t get funding. This is short sited. If they continue to strip services away, we will be in dire need!

An example. Take AMP, the group that runs party in the park. They started years ago running a few small events supporting local young bands. They started Party In The Park. PITP is now so successful that it helps to support workshops for young musicians that attracts younglings from miles around. Some as far as Church Stretton and Ludlow. There are groups like this all around the area, doing what SC should be doing. Now they use this as a reason to send all our funding to Shrewsbury.   

My sarcasm on my last post was misplaced. I joked that Shropshire council don’t know where we are on the map. They know exactly where we are because we are the nosiest bunch in the county when it comes to the council taking away our resources! So, once again make your selves heard! Click the link, grab a pitch fork and have your say!!


The numbers are below. 


Local Joint Committee Area (in descending order of needs score) Rurality Funding 2014 to present Needs Funding 2014 to present Proposed Needs Funding

2018 onwards

    Needs funding No of youth clubs supported Needs score Proposed no of youth clubs to be supported Proposed needs funding


Partner delivery commissioned by Shropshire Council            
Shrewsbury   7 15.1% 5 45,000
Market Drayton   2 6.6% 2 18,000
Oswestry   4 6.0% 2 18,000
Bridgnorth, Worfield, Alveley and Claverley 2 5.6% 2 18,000
Whitchurch   2 5.5% 2 18,000
Ludlow and Clee area   2 5.0% 2 18,000
Community partnership youth provision supported by Shropshire Council            
Wem and Shawbury 2 4.6%    
Craven Arms and Rural     4.1%    
Bishop’s Castle, Chirbury, Worthen and Clun     3.0%    
Ellesmere     3.9%    
Gobowen, Selattyn, St Martin’s, and Weston Rhyn   3 3.9%    
Longden, Ford, Rea Valley and Loton 2 3.8%    
Shifnal and Sheriffhales       3.4%    
Five Perry Parishes       3.3%    
Broseley and Rural       3.2%    
Tern and Severn Valley     3.2%    
St Oswald     3.1%    
Albrighton       3.1%    
Strettondale and Burnell     3.0%    
Highley and Brown Clee     2.8%    
Cleobury and Rural     2.5%    
Much Wenlock and Shipton     2.4%    
Bayston Hill       2.4%    
Total funding           £135,000


Jonny is a Shropshire Councillor, musician and film maker. I also work as a web designer and graphic design and consult with business regarding their presence online.


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