If you have traveled anywhere recently you will have noticed the roads are appalling. They are riddled with potholes and have been for months. I have been communicating with lots of people who are reporting potholes and almost every conversation I have locally is about potholes.

I’m sure we can all understand the weather has been exceptionally bad this year, resulting in the worst roads I have ever seen. On top of the huge budget cuts I can understand the pressure highways will be under. However we all pay our taxes and should be able to drive on safe roads.

For some time, I have been trying to find out why our local reports have gone in answered and when the area is scheduled for repairs. I have finally heard back with some definitive times.

They were in the area yesterday and today and tell me they will be carrying out emergency repairs within 24 hours

If, in the next 48 hours you are still seeing dangerous potholes, please tell me and report to the council. If you need to report potholes please do so via this link https://shropshire.gov.uk/roads-and-highways/report-a-fault-or-concern/ or leave a comment below.

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  1. I have been in touch with the Council over several years about the potholes and drains on the road leading to my house from the top of Arbour Lane. The situation has become considerably worse since last winter and now from the recent storms. There are potholes right on the sides, down the middle and one, almost across half the road. The drains are full. The water pours off the hillside making the situation worse. The potholes fill up with water and would need to be emptied before being mended. I have emailed. I’ve spoken to the Council, spoken to Curtomer Relations, spoken to the men working on mending the potholes in other places. I have now emailed Alan Meyrick direct having been told he was the correct person to contact although I thought he had moved on. I have heard nothing. The road is barely passable in places. Please could someone do something.
    Caroline Keely
    Lower Beach


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