I read an article the other day outlining how iTunes saved artists from the likes of Napster and that Apple Music will save us from Spotify. It filled me with hope. The main idea being that Apple Music will be subscription only. As opposed to free music on Spotify if you are prepared to listen to adverts. iTunes managed to add value to digital music for quite a long time until Spotify devalued it with overwhelming accessibility to music. Now I hope Apple Music will add value to unlimited access to an artists work.

So far Apple Music seems pretty good I search for music, find it, and it plays.

However I don’t like the way that your default album background colour seems to be taken from your album. This has resulted in me having a kind of sicky brown as my background. As opposed to a super awesome black, off black or white. And then we have the standard Jay Z is allowed to have a cool picture but we’re going to make it really hard for indie artists to figure out how to put a picture up or change anything. (This is a genuine cry for help, Waa!) If anyone knows how to update your images please let me know. Example below.

And Jay Z if you’re reading this.. How do you change your picture mate?
image1       image2

The part I do really like is connect. It means I can post updates similar to a social network the main part of this is updating the music. As far as I know I am able to add music directly for people to listen to and I’m am paid the same way I would be for my released music. I am not sure what kind of revenues Apple will be paying artists I never pay attention to articles and rumours I’m just going to wait and see for myself. But I am hopeful of a fair amount as this will not be a free streaming service. Also iTunes has been good to me and is as reasonable as can be expected in the world we live in.

How is apple music going to affect me? Well in short probably not much other than my next album will have a black album cover.

For those of you that dislike streaming music, I would like to release my album on vinyl, but there aren’t enough of you yet for me to afford the minimum order. If I was paid more for online streaming I would probably be able to afford the upfront cost.

If anyone has any insight or advice regarding Apple Music comment below and we’ll get a conversation going.

Thanks for reading.

Jonny is a Shropshire Councillor, musician and film maker. I also work as a web designer and graphic design and consult with business regarding their presence online.


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