Me and my band of heroes will be crossing the narrow sea on Thursday to make the journey to Normadie! Three concerts await us there the first in Conches en Ouch at place Carnot, Second is Festival Ca Sonne a la Porte, and thirdly at Teck Rock Zen in Evreux. All of these performances will be with my full band. For those that have heard my album you will have noticed that it sounds a lot like more than one person made it. I love playing with a full live band they bring so much more than I could on the record!

Ca Sonne a la Porte is a festival in Grossoeuvre near Evreux and this year they will be celebrating ten years! I’m chuffed to be a part of that

I’m looking forward to seeing lots of familiar and unfamiliar faces it has been a while since we toured in France!


Jonny is a Shropshire Councillor, musician and film maker. I also work as a web designer and graphic design and consult with business regarding their presence online.


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