This is a simple idea. As much as I love pictures and photos hanging off the fridge. It get’s to a point where every time you walk past it or open the fridge everything falls off. I had an idea to fix this problem. There is a video below explaining how to put this together. It’s basic stuff I’m no king of arts and crafts. Quite simply take a picture frame tear the stand off it. Stick some magnetic tape on the back and boosh.

Like I said. It’s simple. Let me know if you’ve seen this done before I couldn’t find any videos of it being done. But I’d be interested to know what other ideas people have around this concept. I have a plan to source out some really elaborate frames from a charity shop / thrift store. I haven’t found the perfect ones yet.


Jonny is a Shropshire Councillor, musician and film maker. I also work as a web designer and graphic design and consult with business regarding their presence online.


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