In Bishops Castle your council tax has gone up, here’s why and by how much. Firstly, I may know about these numbers but as I’m not on the town council this is my analysis of the situation and nothing more. To clear up any confusion. I’m a Shropshire councillor not a town councillor, I don’t get a vote or make decisions at town council.

The Council Tax for a typical band B property is now £1333.82 per year. You may notice there is an increase of 66.7% percent on the precept. This is the amount the Bishops Castle Town Council add to the council tax to be budgeted for local services to be spent within Bishops Castle.

On a band B property the precept gone from £79.91 per year to £133.21 per year. This works out to be around £1.53 per week. Many people on social media have shown some dissatisfaction towards this change, 66% appears as a big change.

The Town Council decided that BC Public Hall, Underground and the SpArC centre needed investment. We lack youth services in the town and the underground gives a viable space to host youth based events however the decking outside is currently not safe enough for kids. This money will give the outdoor space a much needed make over. Which is already being planned for the next few months.

The £1.53 per week translates into £10,000 per year for the Public hall and £10,000 to the SpArC. This is roughly 76p a week for each service from a Band B property. I understand it is not yet decided whether this is a one off or if this is budgeted yearly.

The other increase in council tax comes from Shropshire Council, Adult social care and the fire service. These are much more broad changes which you may have already heard about on the news.
Jonny is a Shropshire Councillor, musician and film maker. I also work as a web designer and graphic design and consult with business regarding their presence online.



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