Corona Beer Bottles Into Drinking Glasses | Some Tips


My video on YouTube became quite popular. We’re up to around 1.6 million views now, Oooosh! What’s really awesome about that is the amount of questions people have so I put together a few tips for anyone who is having trouble. These are based on the answers I gave in the comments if you have further questions please comment below.

1. You are going to need to practice on lots of bottles
This isn’t something that will work every time some of it is down to luck and some of it is skill. Practice makes perfect right!?! Head down to your local pub and ask them if you can take some of their bottles away for recycling. on Sunday’s they normally have loads. Next figure out what type of bottles work best for you and go crazy I can remember having a house full of cracked bottles, it was terrifying to walk around without shoes!

2. Listen carefully, you only get one go. Once it has cracked there is no tension in the glass and it won’t crack properly again. You can sometimes salvage them if they didn’t crack perfectly but it’s all about those first moments.

3. Know when to quit. As I said it doesn’t always work perfectly, I spent hours and hours and hours sanding down areas where it haven’t cracked properly but after a while I started rejecting any that weren’t perfect. Otherwise you will spend all your time sanding and get bored.

4. Pick the right bottles and only get hold of those. It’s very easy to look at a fancy bottle and say wow! that would make a great glass. The truth is this method doesn’t work well with bottles with lots of shapes and glass patterns as they for areas where the glass will crack and follow the pattern lines. Plain bottles work best.

5. It’s got to be round. This method relies on the perfect score line on a square bottle there is not way to perfectly score and the corners crack upwards due to imperfections. If anyone has tips on square bottles please start a conversation below.

6. Removing Labels. If using wine bottles removing the labels can be a real nightmare. The best method I found was to peel back the label leaving the glue and bare paper then soak it and rub fairy liquid on it. Leave it for a few minutes and scrape it with a strong plastic utensil such as a spatula or knife. For the adults white spirit works well to break down the glue, just paint it on with a brush. Kids don’t use this stuff without an adult.

Thanks for reading I’ll come back to this with more tips at some point, if you have any questions please comment below.
Take care!

Below is a link to the bottle cutter used in the video.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m trying to create glasses using the bottle cutter but when its time to add the boiling water/cold water to the bottle, it won’t crack. Please help!


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