I have received details of a development that was granted outline planning a few years back as far as I know. With large developments like this I think it is very important to get as much thoughtful public reaction as possible.

I would really like to discuss the good and bad of a development like this. I am currently trying to get more information. Most importantly the estimated market value of these properties. This information may already be out there but I haven’t come across it yet. In my view, the target market of these properties is the most important question. 

To those who don’t want to see more development in the area. It is worth thinking about our schools. Local schools would really benefit from local families being able to stay in the area and attracting more families to the area provided the jobs market expands. The priority to me are the families who already live here.

Looking at the plans it doesn’t look like this development is looking to serve young local families. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as there are other developments on the horizon that may better serve families who are looking to put down long term roots in the town. But this may free up housing for first time buyers. 

Ideally as larger houses are built and local people who are already on the ladder move into them this would potentially free up entry level housing. However, usually what happens is that people move into the area taking advantage of our nationally low priced housing and the entry level housing stays saturated. 

This application is in early stages and is only for phase 1 which as far as I can see relates to infrastructure. If you would like to comment directly on the application visit the link below. I would really appreciate it if you comment you views below so that I can get a better idea of the local opinion. Also if you could remember to like and share the Facebook post so that more people will see it.

Shropshire Council Application for West Of Lavender Bank (Phase 1)

Jonny is a Shropshire Councillor, musician and film maker. I also work as a web designer and graphic design and consult with business regarding their presence online.


  1. This is described as self build and eco friendly housing. no mention of sewerage which you will read gives lavender bank problems at times, It was also a private sewer until 2011 and passes through 5 private gardens into corporation street. Also land drainage problems. kerry lane is busy with agricultural traffic and becomes dangerous and congested st school pick up and drop off times.

  2. I have concern about more sewerage entering the system on Lavender Bank as the mains 4″sewerage pipe goes through private gardens. Blockages do occur. There are only 23 residents on Lavender Bank so from the first 9 houses to be built the amount of sewerage will be doubled.
    I am also concerned about bungalows on Lavender bank being overlooked by the new houses . Hopefully, upper floor windows will not be in walls facing Lavender Bank.


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