I made another trip to Outwhere Records in Oswestry today to drop in a few Fight The Bear CD’s and LP’s. Last time I was in me and Gordon had a brief conversation about American band Modest Mouse, He noticed an influence while listening to the new Fight The Bear record, And rightfully so. I explained we have all spent a long time listening to the band and particularly for me the album ‘Good News for People that Love Bad News’

So, today I walked in and presented him with some more Fight The Bear stock. He enthusiastically pointed me to the ‘new albums’ section and told me to dig. I was pleasantly surprised to find ‘Good News..’ by Modest Mouse on Vinyl. I immediately replied.. “I’ll take it”

Thanks Gordon for getting hold of it and for making the purchase of one of my favourites so unexpected. 

In other news, Fight The Bears 2nd and 3rd Album ‘Dead Sea Fruit’ and ’38 Degrees’ are now available in his shop CD’s and LP’s Outwhere Records


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